Ethnic & Regional Varieties

Recognizing the adaptability of Poutine™ , and the need to accomodate varying diets and food availability,
Poutine Canada monitors the bewildering variety of foods claiming authenticity. Mindful that only poutine-classique
can claim legitimicy, provision is made for Canada's varied regional and ethnic make-up. Listing on this page does
not confer recognition or authenticity, but merely notes a similarity of form

term description
Poutine Anglaise fries, beef gravy, cheddar cheese
Poutine Italiene fries, tomatoe sauce, mozzarella and parmessan cheese
Poutine Grecque fries, oregano sauce, feta cheese
Poutine Mexicain fries, mole sauce, queso blanco (Queso de Oaxaca)
Poutine Indien fries, curry sauce, paneer
Poutine Caraïbes sweet potatoe fries, jerk sauce, queso fresco (Adobera)
Poutine Innuit fries, muktuk or seal meat gravy, processed cheese
Poutine Aboriginal fries, buffalo meat gravy, smoked mozzarella cheese
Poutine Végétal fries, mushroom sauce, tofu
Poutine Juif see above (note: due to dietary laws, it is impossible to have Kosher poutine)
Poutine Asiatique/ Chinoise/Japonais fried rice noodles, seaweed sauce, raw diced jellyfish
Frites & Sauce fries & gravy (variant, w. ketchup)

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