la poutine-classique

Poutine™ has preserved its' integrity for over 50 years due to the dedication of the pure laine poutinistes, the Academie Poutine de Drummondville, the Vicariate Apostolic of New France (Nouvelle-France) , and the Poutine Purity Law of 1987. In deference to health concerns regarding animal fats , canola oil has been substituted for lard, and accepted by the A.I.G. since 1985.

There can be only three components of Poutine™.

  1. Fried potatoes (frites)
  2. Gravy (la sauce)
  3. Cheese curds (fromage blanc)

The dish must be served fresh, in order for the heat of the frites and the gravy to melt the curds. Servings may vary, ranging from approximately 250 gm. up to a full kilogram. Larger servings, especially outdoors in Winter, cool too fast, and the curds solidify.

The potatoes should originate with Fédération des Producteurs de Pommes de Terre du Québec.

Oil used must be fresh, not rancid, and free of impurities. Québec suppliers of canola oil may be found at this address.

The gravy must be a chicken gravy, not from powder or liquid concentrate. The chicken must originate with the Fédération des producteurs de volailles du Québec . It is a thickened chicken-stock, seasoned with pepper, and a taste of onions, otherwise known as a standard Velouté sauce.

The cheese curd must be fresh, not more than 12 hours old, and stored refrigerated. The curd should be from the production of white Cheddar cheese, made with milk from Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec.

Substitutions of any of the above ingredients render the dish inauthentic. Although the recipe may be similar, it is not true Poutine™.