Modeller's Profile

Shawn "Phantom" Weiler

Shawn Weiler is one of the most prolific modelers I have ever met. He seems to churn out finished models as one sleeps. His work can be found on the Aircraft Resource Center site, usually with another F-4 Phantom build.

I got into modeling in the early 1970's and never quit. Armour was my first interest. Now it is far too expensive. I REALLY got serious in 1978 when I did a day tour back on the USS Nimitz back when she was a new carrier. Since then I have built most every CVW-8 plane I have ever found decals for and many planes of which decals have not been made. Of course I'll build anything Canadian, but above all F-4 Phantoms.

So far I have completed over 120 Phantoms. On top of that I have over 200 other (mostly 1/48) models on display in the basement . I might not EVER win an IPMS or a photography competition, but I build what I like.

The Internet has helped a great deal in my modeling. Sites such as Aircraft Resource Centre have been a great help in informing me of little tricks other modelers across the world have used. Weathering being the one that comes first to mind for me. The Internet is useful for research and reference, although I prefer printed books. My purchases come from the local hobby shop, not Internet stores.

I am a solitary, fast builder, but not competitive. That's why I don't belong to a club. I ran out of storage room years ago. Some of my finished builds go to a Museum in Hamilton (CWH Museum) or the local Air Cadets. Some I give to neighbourhood kids. I don't see a lot of interest being shown by younger people in the hobby, they don't want to spend the time on it - it requires too much of their attention. I'm 44 years old. I served 12 years in the Canadian Forces as an army medic. Now I play in a maximum security prison in Ontario.