A while back, IPMS Canada sold an index for all the RT magazines that had been produced. Sometime between then and now, updates for this ongoing project fell by the wayside. Thankfully, long-time IPMS Canada member Fred Hutcheson picked up the torch on his own and maintained his own RT Index database. (Over time, Fred reviewed all issues from 10-01 forward to add items missed and to regularize subjects etc.) The main articles are marked as "a"; reviews are shown as "r"; and further notes and other items (letters) are shown as "l".)

A while back (not the same while back referred to at the beginning, but nonetheless not recently), Fred made this database available for us to distribute to IPMS Canada members. Updates of the Index are posted from time to time to keep it current. Fred acknowledges the assistance of another member, Dennis Weber, who helped design the report format.

Starting with the version created in December 2012 (RT issue 34-03), the Index includes data articles published in BeaveRTails. BeaveRTales articles are indicated in the 'Volume' column/label as "b' + year of issue (last 2 digits) + month of issue (two digits)" (example: 'b1211' (for the November 2012 issue)). BeaveRTales volumes come after the RT issues in both reports.

THE RT INDEX IN PDF Format - current to RT Vol. 37, #4

RT Index list by Issue

RT Index list by Category & Subject

Take a look at some down-loadable samples of RT in PDF format here.