As of November, 2017, there is a revised renewal procedure for IPMS Canada membership.

All members who are due for renewal will be sent an email before their last RT is mailed, advising them of the situation. There will be a link right in the email which will take you to the IPMS Canada renewal page when you click on it. You can then renew right then and there. Only those who do not renew electronically using this method will receive a printed renewal notice with their RT. So, it’s hoped that most of us will renew via the web page link when the renewal email arrives. It’s secure and simple, will take just a few moments... and it is done. Then there will be no interruption in your membership and you won’t miss any RTs or beaveRTales, or free members-only stuff!

We’ve also decided to go a step farther, and offer those who do this the chance to win a nice prize... just by renewing your membership! Here’s how it works: Members who renew using the link supplied in the email message will be entered in a draw, and before the next
RT goes out a winner will be selected and sent his (or her) prize. The lucky winner, and the prize, will also be announced in the following beaveRTales. We’ll keep this in place through the entire volume year so that everyone has a chance to win.