Bob Migliardi
National Director

  • Editor of the IPMS Canada newsletter
    BT (Beaver Tales)
  • Hometown - Ottawa via New York City
  • interested in 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft
  • IPMS Canada since 1968.
  • Has been member of IPMS Ottawa, and
    IPMS/USA chapter in New York
  • In real life Bob is a semi-retired graphic artist,
    and also produces Iliad Decals

John MacDonald
Membership Database & Circulation

  • Hometown - Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Married
  • 1/48 WW2 aircraft, primarily UK, Canadian, and USA. Also 1/350 ships and F-1 race cars
  • Member IPMS Canada since 1976
  • Member IPMS Ottawa since 1975
  • In real life John is a happily retired civil servant

Kerry Traynor
Chapter & Member Liaision

CML main page

  • Hometown - London, Ontario
  • married, two children
  • member of IPMS Canada for 28 years, member of IPMS London for 26 years (past president)
  • teacher in the architectural technology program at Fanshawe College, London
  • modeling interests lays predominantly with 1:48 post WWII aircraft, with some RCAF WWII aircraft , modern armor and the odd ship.  more
Steve Sauvé
RT Editor

  • Editor of IPMS Canada magazine
    RT (Random Thoughts)
  • Hometown - Ottawa, Ontario
  • Married, two kids
  • claims to build 1/48 WW2 Commonwealth and Luftwaffe, and post-war 'good guys'
  • IPMS Canada since 1968. Has been member of IPMS Ottawa, IPMS Winnipeg, and IPMS Cold Lake.
  • In real life Steve is a civil servant in the Dept of National Defence.
Mark Heyendal

  • Hometown - Gatineau, Quebec
  • Married
  • Mostly 1/48 and 1/32 WW2 aircraft. Also 1/350 ships
    and some 1/35 armour
  • Member IPMS Canada since 1968
  • Member IPMS Ottawa since 1975
  • In real life Mark is a manager with the federal government
Jim Bates
Social Media Coordinator

  • Born - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Hometown - Seattle, Washington
  • Married with a nine year old step-daughter
  • Purports to build 1/72 RCAF and Commonwealth aircraft
  • In real life, Jim is a lawyer (noli praeiudicare)
Igor Kabic
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Chris Aleong
Member without Portfolio

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Gary Barling
Member without Portfolio

  • Hometown – Toronto, ON
  • Married, two grown sons
  • 1/48th – 1/32nd aircraft, 1/35th armour, with the odd ship and dinosaur in the mix!
  • Member IPMS Canada since 1965
  • Member IPMS Ottawa since 1969,IPMS Farnborough (UK)  since 1990, IPMS Petawawa since 2014
  • In real life Gary is a semi-retired 40-year Army veteran
The Web Team
  • Hometown - Waterloo, Ontario
  • Married, no kids, one dog
  • Member IPMS Canada since 1964
  • builds mainly 1/72 aircraft
  • finds Real Life a bit of a Mystery
  • Kim's models
Print Production
Dave Fletcher
Staff Cartoonist

Dave Fletcher, RT’s staff cartoonist, joined IPMS Canada in January, 1969. He has illustrated many RT articles, mostly on trainers or support aircraft, over the years. He produced (and sells!) “HARVARD! The North American Trainers in Canada”. After 36 years in the Air Force - five flying tours, 183 missions over Bosnia - he retired with his wife Carol and runs the St.John Ambulance’s Therapy Dog programme in the Comox Valley.
His models are eclectic, mostly 1:48, his two real aircraft, 1:1 scale.