Welcome to the IPMS Canada Chapter & Member Liaison page! Here the Chapters can keep members up to date on their various activities. We also have information for prospective new chapters so they'll know just how to apply to IPMS Canada.

If there's no local IPMS Canada chapter in your area perhaps you's like to try to start one. At the link below you'll find the information you need on how to go about it. It's quite easy, and in almost no time you can have a group of like-minded modellers meeting on a regular basis to discuss any and all modelling topics. We currently have twenty-four chapters across Canada and a twenty-fifth in Memphis, Tennessee. We are most certainly "International" in our outlook!

We also have a calendar listing coming events you may be interested in. As the Chapters let us know of their shows, activities and competitions, we'll post them here for all to see.

So take a few minutes to look around. If you have any questions about joining or starting a chapter, you are invited to contact me, Kerry Traynor. I'm the Chapter Liaison member for IPMS Canada, and I'm always ready to discuss any aspect of Chapter life. You can reach me at: CML@ipmscanada.com .

*Note that IPMS Canada membership is unique to the National organization. It does not include membership in local Chapters. Conversely, membership in a local Chapter is independent of National membership. To fully participate in both local and  international IPMS events, it is beneficial to have membership in both.

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