We're Part of a Worldwide Society

The International Plastic Modellers Society is a unique, world-wide organization of hobbyists who enjoy plastic scale modelling, run on a voluntary basis, "by modellers, for modellers". The Society originated in 1963, when a small group of hobbyists in England met to discuss the hobby and to exchange ideas, news and views. They called their organization the British Plastic Modelling Society. It wasn't very long before word of the Society made its way to all corners of the world, and, as membership grew, the name was changed to IPMS in order to reflect the new International aspect. The Canadian branch was both granted a charter and founded in 1964, and today IPMS Canada is one of the larger branches of the Society. Like all IPMS branches, IPMS Canada is all-volunteer run and maintained.

A number of National Branches produce their own publications. Some, like IPMS Canada, also produce specialty items such as reference guides or decal sheets, which are available to members only. Some vendors, producers, and publishers provide discounts to IPMS Canada members. The Society is active at all levels in exhibitions and displays, and here our members can meet other modellers. Here also the public can learn something of the hobby and of IPMS activities.

There are IPMS Canada Local Chapters across Canada, some large, some small. If you live close enough to one of these Chapters to attend their meetings, we encourage you to do so. The fellow modellers you will find at Local Chapter meetings are probably the best source of modelling information anywhere. Most chapters have regular contests and demonstrations to help you improve your modelling skills and expand your knowledge.

If you enjoy building plastic scale models; if you would like to hear what other modellers are doing; if you would like to learn how to build better models; then you should join IPMS Canada. There are no restrictions on who can join. Just click on the "Join" link below. We will enroll you, send a welcoming letter and membership card, and the first issues of the Society's magazine and newsletter. Welcome aboard!