Reference Articles

If you've been to the various modelling sites that have discussion forums, you may have seen, wedged in between the omni-present "What are you building right now?", and "Calling Alle Experten" postings, some really decent discussions on a variety of modelling topics. What we'd like to try here is gathering, cleaning up, and re-posting discussion threads that pertain to Canadian modelling.

We welcome your input and help on this. If you come across a public discussion thread that you think fits here, save the material, ask the webmaster for approval to republish the discussion, and then forward it on to us. Please do not send in actual articles from other sites (although those links might be an interesting page in their own right). What we're looking for are public postings by individuals discussing a topic that has a Canadian context. Naturally, a link to the source website will be posted here, and all e-mail addresses will be removed from the individual posts. Click on a link below to take you to the subject discussion. If you don't find it here, try looking at the IPMS Canada Forum for the answer.

As a final note, the threads that are being posted here so far come from the Webmaster's own fields of modelling interest. A bit of help from members in the field would be appreciated.