The branch journal of IPMS Canada is called RT, though until recently, many members probably couldn't tell you what this means! Many years ago, when the publication started, it was run off on an old duplicating machine in the basement of a local hobby shop. It was called Random Thoughts, because that's essentially what it was. It was circulated as a newsletter to the then handful of Canadian members.

As the Canadian Branch grew, Random Thoughts - more often simply being referred to as RT - became a monthly publication. In 1970 a switch was made to commercial printing. Today RT is a quarterly publication, in English, containing 36 pages of photos, drawings, kit reviews, model conversion articles, hints n' tips, wants and disposals, and other items of interest. All content is provided by the members, for the members. As an added membership bonus, every now and then we send out a free special product item with your magazine.

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And there is a song that members like to sing................

Recently IPMS Canada started sending the members another publication. This is an e-newsletter called beaveRTales, which arrives in their email as a PDF document. It is sent in the periods between RT issues and unlike RT, it is more 'newsey'. Here you'll find such things as kit, accessory and book reviews, news from various local chapters, information on new model kits, small build and photo articles (as opposed to RT's more detailed material), hints-n-tips, photos of members' latest creations, quizes, and whatever else the members send in. The newsletter will keep you up to date on what's happening in IPMS Canada, and the rest of the modelling world.