Welcome! We're glad you dropped in to see what's going on. On this page, you'll find links that bring you to downloads of special 'sampler' editions of RT - Random Thoughts - the official journal of IPMS Canada. Before you go there, though, please take note of the following...

This idea came about as a way of introducing, or re-introducing modellers to the IPMS Canada of today. The PDF downloads are screen-resolution files, which means it should look very nice on your computer monitor, but the imagery will look degraded if printed out on paper. Rest assured that RT is professionally printed on high-quality paper stock, with imagery and graphics rendered at high resolution. Regardless, the sampler will give you a very good idea of the look of RT and the variety of material we're bringing to the membership four times a year.

The download contains a selection of articles that have appeared in some recent back issues. We've tried to show you what you can expect to see in RT with an IPMS Canada membership. Fortunately, with many good articles to choose from, it was tough for the Editor to decide which ones to include. A regular issue of RT consists of 36 pages, containing five to six modelling or reference articles, plus editorial and news items about IPMS Canada. IPMS Canada members write most of these articles, and the content of RT reflects the interests of the membership.

We hope you enjoy the download and consider joining IPMS Canada!

Download RT sampler No. 1

Download RT sampler No. 2

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