Models by Gilles Pepin of Montreal, Quebec
I.P.M.S. Canada C3702

The Montreal Aviation Museum

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My friend Ian, for whom the Hawker Hunter was built, is an incorrigible CF-105 conspiracy theorist. He commissioned "206"; I used the terrific CanMilAir decals. Thank you Bill.

Full Modeling Madness review:

For many of us Canucks wishing to build Canucks, Arrows, Norseman, …, Hobbycraft and Modelcraft are the only games in town in any scale. These kits all suffer from the same deficiencies, a normal consequence of their relatively short-run nature: “Coke crate” cockpits and infuriatingly generic landing gears.

The confinement of cockpit tubs, “seats”, and assorted items to your “unused” parts stash is inevitable; the Obscureco detail set for this CF-100 is an absolute must; the kit-supplied decals are, hmm, Hobbycraft, so aftermarket decals are a must; the CanMilAir decals are prototypically accurate and available in any configurations/scales; consult their web site for any of your RCAF models. Highly recommended

Academy HAWKER HUNTER FGA.9 1:48 Scale Kit#2169; everybody knows the kit-supplied cockpit is 1:72 scale; so a resin aftermarket cockpit is de rigueur; I used the excellent True Details Hawker Hunter F.6 Cockpit Set 49007.

This model was built as a tribute to the dearly-departed dog of a close friend. You guessed it, his beloved dog was named 'Hunter'.

This is the new Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk.IVF; commissioned by my doctor to commemorate his late uncle Peter Chanler, who 'went for a Burton' March 10, 1941. 272 Squadron, RAF Aldergrove.

First commission for the Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre's new (at the time) program: 'We Build Heritage'. Funds raised by the program help support our Museum.

This 1/72 scale diorama depicts Avro Lancaster OW-L, 426 (Thunderbird) Squadron, RAF Linton-on-Ouse, July 1943, being 'bombed up'. An old friend from our undergraduate days at Bishop's University commissioned this diorama (2 feet x 2 feet) to commemorate his late father's wartime contributions; Squadron Leader Malcolm Dalton Loucks was the Senior Flying Control Officer of 426 from 1943 to 1945.

The kits used: 1/72 Airfix Avro Lancaster Mk.II (A08001), 1/72 Airfix RAF Bomber Re-supply Set (A05330), 1/76 Airfix RAF Refueling Set (A03302). And do ask about 'MATH' on the 8000 lb cookie.

SA-Q, kit: Italeri 273, 1/48 scale, was built using the following aftermarket items:
1. Eduard 49 684 Typhoon Mk.Ib Bubbletop S.A. 1/48 scale detail set for ITALERI 27342.
2.Quickboost 48468 1/48 Hawker Typhoon Seat w/Safety Belts
3.AMLM 49 015 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib/Late Camouflage painting masks
4.Aviaeology Decals 1/48 Hawker Typhoon Aircraft Stencil & Data Markings
5.Master 1/48 Air Master Series 48083 Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib late type cannons
6.CanMilAir custom decals (invasion stripes painted; decals used for proper positioning)See full review on ModelingMadness:

Airfix 1/24 scale HawkerTyphoon Mk.Ib (late)

This model took over 1 000 hours to build to the exact replication of F/L Peter Roper's aircraft he "borrowed" from his Commanding Officer Wing Leader Denys Gillam (with permission). SA-Q was shot down by ligth flak June 07, on its second sortie, near Caen. F/l Roper, seriously injured, bailed out and was rescued by local villagers of Villers-Bocages. Read the full story at:

Model as it was delivered to Dr. Peter Roper on My 29, 2016. His son. Mark Roper, was in charge of packaging this unique model and delivering it safely to RAF Club , London (England), where the model was to be prominently displayed during Peter Roper's address to the Typhoon Pilot's gathering, then on to the Muséee de la bataille de Tilly-sur-Seulles on permanent display along other artifacts from Peter's downed Typhoon. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Mark "Junior" Roper shipped the model, in a paper-bag-like discarted office chair box, wrapped in bubble-wrap, first to London (Ontario), then to France without any Customs paperwork, where it arrived DBR (RAF WWII lingo for Damaged Beyond Repair). Comments about Junior's incompetence and irresponsible behavior then and since range from "What an imbecile" to "Cretin", not mentioning the less-printable adjectives. And the best part: Junior shipped the $20 000.00 replacement value UNINSURED!!! And he denies it was his fault!

Artificially-created Yorkshire fog. Both squadrons in permanent station (426 and 408 (Goose)) flew Lancasters Mk.II (Bristol radial engines)

The venerable Airfix 1/76 Control Tower, dressed up with brick walls and using burned-out pipe cleaners attached to the railing stanchions with thick-gel CA, and the correct runway 10/28 displayed on the landing board

See the full story here

1/72 scale diorama of a frying pan at Linton-on-Ouse, with adjacent buildings.

Diorama of the RAF Linton-on-Ouse, 426 (Thunderbird) Squadron, dedicated to Squadron Leader Malcolm Dalton Loucks, Senior Flying Control Officer, No 62 Beaver Station.This 3.5' x 2' diorama is now on permanent display at
the Montreal Aviation Museum.

1/76 N.A.A.F.I. truck
made from Airfix ambulance from the RAF Emergency set.
See the full story here

FAA Corsair IV, 1843 NAS, February 18, 1945. Sub. Lieut. Deryck Scarrott crashed on take-off from HMS Arbiter, his starboard elevator chewed up by a Corsair who came too close from behind; too late to abort catapult launch, he died moments later when his Corsair banked and dove straight in. Note the scale escort carrier decking and aft end of catapult. Presented to his sister Sylvia by the Montreal Aviation Museum on the 72nd anniversary of his fatal accident.

Lancaster Mk.I, 90 Squadron, summer 1944. WP-H, LM159. Presented by the Montreal Aviation Museum to Ron Pritchard, a 93 year old rear gunner who survived 34 missions and lived to tell the tale.

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