Marc Fonck

IPMS Canada # 3757 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

I’m 62 and retired. Married but no children. My favourite models are military airplanes in every scale, 1/144; 1/72; 1/48 and in 1/32.

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McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom

-Academy kit 1/48
-Decals from Furball Aero-Design

-resin exhausts from MK1 Design
-resin wheels from Eduard Brassin
-Napalm tanks & Vulcan pod from Squadron

McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom

-resin seats from True Details

-Interior details from Eduard
-Engine Intake covers from Quickboost
-Pilots from Plus Model
Paints used : Life Color & Revell Aqua & for the metalics „Vallejo“

CVA-71 "Theodore Roosevelt“ Aircraft carrier 1/700

-Trumpeter kit
-Eduard deck personnel ( a challenge for old people like me to glue on the deck !! )

-Deck tractors from Black dog -Decals from Starfighter Decals for the ship and the airplanes
-Water imitation from AK Interactive
-Paints used: Life color & Revell aqua

M1AHA "Abrams“ Tank 1/35

-Tamiya new mould
-Paints used: Meng & Revell Aqua
-AK Interactive „sandy desert“ acrylic for the base
Space Shuttle Set
All the different Shuttles from Enterprise to Endeavour Tomytec 1/700
If you have not too much space for your models available as I do, and you want the Shuttle history in your collection, this is the right item…
Star Wars „Millennium Falcon“
Bandai 1/144
Quite a detailed kit with good decals and wonderful details…
Can also be built with landing gear out and access ramp down…
Honda RC213V 2014
Marc Marcquez World Champion 2014
Tamiya 1/12
Tamiya colors
Tamiya detail set
Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP bikes
2009 J. Lorenzo Dutch GP
2005 C. Edwards

Tamiya 1/12
Tamiya Detail sets
Tamiya colors

Convair SM-65D „Atlas“ ICBM Missile
Mk4 RV R&D Test flight November 1960
Horizon model
Vallejo metal colors used
German Fighter Pilot WWII
resin kit from Kirin, don’t remember ?
This is the oldest kit I own !
Must be now well over 30 years old and at that time I painted it with enamel colors…
Today, I’m only using water based colors…

Ford „FAT-2“ Quad Gun tractor
Canadian 1st Infantry Division 1944
Tamiya 1/35
Black dog resin parts used
resin wheels for gun and ammo carrier

BMW R75 sidecar
German Army 1940 France
Esci 1/9
First issue of tho nice model 1979 ??
Got it on ebay and built it with the old decals that were almost falling apart because of their age

Churchill MK.IV
34th Tank Brigade 107th RAC
Tamiya 1/35
Black Dog resin parts

Kompanie 1, sPzJgAbt. 560, Ardennes 1944 December
Tamiya 1/48
Tamiya colors

Jagdpanzer IV
Dragon 1/35
Different bushes and diorama parts used

Leopard 2 A6 Bundeswehr
2nd Company, 104th Panzer Battalion
Tamiya 1/16
Revell Aqua colors used
Only added crew member in turret

Sturmgeschütz IV
Dragon 1/35
Gloster „Javelin“ FAW Mk.9
5th Sqdr. RAF Geilenkirchen, Germany
Airfix 1/48
Pilots from Hasegawa modified to RAF pilots
Metal pitot tubes (modified Lightning pitots )
Republic F-84F „Thunderstreak“ German Airforce 3/JaboG 33 Büchel
Monogram 1/48
resin seat
Hasegawa figure
nuke from another Monogram kit
AIRDOC decals
Vought F-8E „Crusader“
VF-162 „The Hunters“ USS Oriskany 1966 Cdr. Bellinger
Academy Kit 1/72
Can no more remember from whom the decal sheet was ! This is one of my oldest kits built.....Tamiya model stand
Apart from the pilot and the decals built OB
Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 50 Spangdahlem 22th Fighter Sqdr. 52th Fighter wing
Tamiya 1/48
resin seat
ground equipment from Hasegawa
decals from Daco Products
Boeing CF-188 „Hornet“ 425th Squadron CAF
Academy 1/32
resin wheels from Ukraine Leading Edge & Academy decals used ( not satisfied with either of them ! I still find them not „dark“ enough …Can almost not notice all the small stencils on the lighter color ! Life colors for camouflage resin SJU-17 ejection seat (from Southkorea ) Aires exhausts
Modified myself the main landing gear shock absorber to canadian style
Had many fit issues with this nice kit around the intake area and wings !

Vought F4U-1 „Corsair“
1st Lt. Wilbur Thomas VMF-213
Tamiya 1/32
Barracuda resin wheels
Barracuda cockpit stencils
HGW seat belts
Eagle Cal decals
The base is supposed to show crushed coral sand : )
Grumman Hellcat F6F-3 VF-6 USS Intrepid Lt. Alex Vraciu
Eduard kit 1/48
tractor and deck/pilot crew from Tamiya

Focke-Wulf 190 showcase
All tomytec models 1/144
Also if these kits are „prepainted“, building this small kits is even more difficult, because you’re no allowed to make any error while using the ABS cement !!
I find these little gems lovely especially when you want to show different camouflage schemes…Far less space required then with bigger scales !
Focke-Wulf 190 A-8 „Rote 19“
5/JG 300 Ernst Schröder
Hasegawa kit with resin prop/spinner, wheels, cockpit seat, metal cannon barrels and pitot
decals „eagle cal“
Messerschmitt BF-109E 9/JG 26
Gerhard Schöpfel
Scale 1/32
Cyberhobby Kit
Ultracast pilot figure

Mitsubishi Zero“ A6M2 Hiryu Fighter Squadron
section leader second wave / Pearl Harbour attack
Tamiya 1/32
resin wheels
HGW seat belts
Decals by
Yellowhammer“ Tamiya paints

Mitsubishi Zero“ A6M5
Rabaul Fighter Group New British Island 43-44
Tamiya 1/48 BOB built
Tamiya detail-up set used
Fire extinguisher from Hasegawa
pilot and ground crew from ??

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXC Wing Commander Johnnie Johnson
Tamiya Scale 1/32 resin wheels & cockpit door
(barracuda studios)
HGW seat belts
Xtradecals for the roundels
(the Tamiya decals are really bad !)

Shenyang J-5 ( chinese license built Mig-17F )
923 rd FR, Tho Xuan, North Vietnam
Ace Le Hai 1969
-Hobby Boss kit 1/48
-pitots and cannon barrels from „master model“
-Quickboost ejection seat
-North vietnamese decals from „print scale“
Nice kit ( whole engine included ), not too expensive BUT with major fitting problems, regarding the fuselage / wing joints…
McDonnel Douglas A-4E 1/48
VA-72 „Blue Hawks“ 1065
USS Independence, Vietnam
-Hasegawa kit distributed by Eduard in a limited edition „Vietnam scooters“
-Pilot figure from an other Hasegawa kit
-Verlinden carrier deck member
-carrier deck from skunkworks
-Zuni rocket pods from Eduard brassin

Convair F-106A „Delta Dart“
48th FIS Langley AFB 1980
-Meng 1/72 kit
-Decals from „Caracal Models“
-Pilot from Fujimi
-Pitot from „master models“
Modified the kit so that it was in flying mode…Still have one of this beautiful kits lying in my stock to built it „grounded“ with the whole electronic bay and weapons bay (included in the kit ) open…For my taste, the F-106 is the most beautiful delta ever flown…

Russian subs 1

 The 1/350 submarines represent cold war area subs
from Russia and the US.
Most of the American
models are coming from the
Ukranian company
 'Mikro-Mir' apart from the
 „Los Angeles“ class which
 is a „Hobby
Boss“ model kit.
And all the Russian subs are
from „Hobby Boss“ too.

Russian subs 2

All the models were built OOB
Used as usual the acryl colors
from Revell and for the finish
„Ak Interaktiv“ varnish...The
final touch was provided with
the Tamiya „weathering master“



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