July 1st, 2011

This set of rules has been drafted by members of the Executive of IPMS Canada, with significant input from IPMS Canada chapters and members. The intent is to provide a set of “guideline rules” to IPMS Canada chapters who wish to conduct their own chapter or regional competitions. Note that these rules consider the competition aspect of the function only. Other aspects, such as finance, the choice of venue, dates and times, furniture, concessions and other necessary considerations are the responsibility of the functions overall Steering Committee.

These rules represent specific Canadian criteria and reflect particular differences inherent in geography, membership and organization. These rules can, and should be, modified to meet requirements specific to our widespread chapters. However, please note that the applicable provisions of the IPMS Canada Chartered Chapter Guidelines should remain in effect. These are not to be considered a “be all and end all” set of rules. On the contrary: comments, suggestions and modifications are expected, and welcomed.é

IPMS Canada National Contest Rules.pdf