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'What-Ifs', or whiffers, are historic (or futuristic) variations on established scenarios and events. The most common in Canadian Aviation lore is ' ...what if the Avro Arrow had not been cancelled?' Would the RCAF flown it into the 21st Century? Would it have been used by other nations? Modellers love to toy with these ideas, giving themselves licence to finish their models in fanciful markings. Sometimes, elaborate backstories accompany these fantasies. Enjoy, but don't mistake them for the real thing.

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Royal Canadian Navy dirigible HMCD Samuel de Champlain. First of it's class of distinguished lighter-than-air vessels to be employed during the inter-war period. Avro Arrow
RCN Tigercat
Delta Dart
RCN Corsair

Canadair CL-262 Swallow. Stalwart defender of NATO airspace prior to the introduction of the Sabre.
Lancaster Maritime Patrol version. Re-engined with Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major
Snow Goblin. Purchased in 1950, these aircraft were a disappointment, owing to their lack of an undercarriage. They lingered in storage until 1959, when surplus B-36 became available. This permitted air-launch and recovery. A huge hit at airshows as the first Snowbirds mount.
Aerial launch and recovery platform for the Snow Goblins. One squadron deployed on World Tour in early '60s.
Forever Phantoms! Licence produced in Canada and exported to Allied nations around the World. Some still fly today.
RCN Gannet AEW.1
RCN Typhoon
RCN Wyvern
RCAF Typhoon
Canadair Sabre Dog
MiG Farmer
MiG Fishbed
Alenia C-27J Spartan

Bell Boeing Balbuzard
Bell Boeing Balbuzard
A Brief History of the Royal Newfoundland Air Force

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